Basic English Communication

Course outcomes

  • Students will be able to communicate in English fluently. 
  • Students will get IELTS 4.0 – 4.5 or higher (or equivalent)


Target learners

  • Beginners who struggle to communicate in English.
  • Students at high schools, universities who have learned English but are unable or reluctant to communicate with foreigners.
  • Pass the FREE entrance test of the program (equivalent to IELTS 3.0)


Books and Materials

  • Ship or Sheep – An intermediate pronunciation course (Ann Baker, Translate: Hong Duc)
  • New English File (Clive Oxenden, Latham-Koenig, Paul Seligson)


Program highlights

  • In Qesson, beside basic contents that other English centers also offer, our dedicated teachers will share with learners special tips, formulas for them to communicate in English fluently and naturally.
  • The combination of a native and a Vietnamese teacher help you to improve your English level gradually after each stage.
  • The small size of each class (under 15 students per class) will facilitate teachers to focus on each individual, therefore, help them quickly identify their mistakes and self-develop their own studying methods.
  • Besides, Qesson also organizes midterm consulting meetings to provide learners and their parents updated information about their knowledge gaps as well as suitable learning methods for each individual so that their results always come up to expectation.



  • 18 lessons (36 hours).
  • The time for consulting, midterm test and final exam is not included.


Entrance exam

All students are tested on their first day at Qesson to determine their course and class level.


Course fee

Please contact Qesson via hotline: 0963 019 835 or email: for the tuition fee.


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